Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28/12 2:58 PM
John transfers from one chair to the other. The Y-Expense help desk chair was left unusually warm. He appears to be preoccupied by math and occassionally stares at others with eyes like daggers, searching for meaning.
9/28 1:31 He is now singing a song about a sandwich.
9/28/ 1:20 John is beat boxing. The beat he is boxing seems to be made of 2 primary sounds. The first, a bilabial sound like that of an aspirated /p/, akin to the ending of the word <hope>. The second sound, is the interdental sound /t/. Phonemicaly his beat would be persed as
"p-p-t p-p-p-t"
9/28 1:01 John was a minute late for his shift. He entered eating pretzels. . . loudly.
9/28/12 9:03 AM - John is wearing a baby blue shirt, charcoal pants, black belt, and matching black shoes. He says his shoes are his missionary shoes, their soles are very worn, they need to be shined, they are a bit dusty.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/27/12 4:14 PM - John dropped his economics textbook and cellphone off of his desk. He quickly recovered.
9/27/12 3:34 PM - "Who's bad? Carlsbad!" (John)
9/27/12 2:54 PM - John is talking to coworkers about setting up his roommate on a date.
JohnPASTwatch research - investigating John's past to understand John's present.

Our research has uncovered the following picture of John:
What could John be thinking?
What do you guys think is going on here? Post your ideas in the comments.
9/27/12 2:25 PM - John is singing the Mormon children's hymn Scripture Power.

"Scripture Power keeps me safe from sin.
Scripture Power is the power to win.
Scripture power! ev'ry day I need
the power that I get each time I read"
9/27/12 1:31 PM - John walked into work carrying his statistics book and a bag of pretzels. His clothes are the same as earlier noted.
9/27/12 9:25 AM- John appears to be wearing a purple button up shirt with charcoal pants a black belt and black dress shoes. He walked in and exclaimed, "What's up y'all!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/26/12 4:40 - John appears to be laughing at something he is viewing on the internet. Further investigation will be required to ascertain the internet content that is illiciting this reaction.
9/26/12 4:35 - John appears to be viewing the Johnwatch blog. He seems inquisitive as to the future of the blog, how long it will last. Sneezing seems to have subsided.
9/26/12 4:31 PM - Appears to be investigating creating custom polo shirts for student employees. Clothes are the same as before.
9/26/12 4:18 PM - Same outfit as before. Just sneezed a full body sneeze though nothing came out of his nose.
JohnPASTwatch research - investigating John's past to understand John's present.
Our research has uncovered this image from John's past. What do you think is going on in this picture? What does this teach us about John's past that might help us understand John's present? Theorize in the comments section.
What could have happened in this picture to have illicited this response from onlookers?
9/26/12 4:05 PM - Reading some kind of textbook. Clothes are the same as before.
9/26/12 3:43 PM - John is wearing a black polo shirt and brown khakis. He is reading the Johnwatch blog.
Welcome to Johnwatch! This blog is dedicated to recording observations about John Gibbons. Please record any observations that you have about John's behavior. Try and be as objective an scientific as possible. Try not to let John know you are observing him.